Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Steveston Sunday

Just back from spending a nice day with my wife and daughter down at Steveston.  This is usually their mother daughter time but they graciously allowed me to tag along.  I wanted to see the Winter  Farmer's/Artisan market, which is held every second Sunday in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.

Afterwards, we had a fish and chips lunch (It's mandatory if you are down in Steveston!), did a little shopping, and then hit the docks where we bought a couple pounds of shrimp off one of the fishing boats.  I also wanted to check out a wood sculpture on the boardwalk that I saw being carved on the OLN TV show , "Saw Dogs".

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My Knife Collection

I recently started collecting knives.  I have always had a few for camping etc. but when you have more than you need or intend to use, it becomes a collection.  My collection evolved when my interest in bushcraft grew from my interest in hiking.

My favorite type of knife is a fixed blade bushcraft style with a scandi grind(an edge with just one bevel).  A bushcraft knife is usually no longer than eight inches total with the handle or the blade length being about the width of the palm of my hand.  One can't talk about knives without talking about the steel they are forged with.  I prefer a high carbon steel over stainless alloys because the edge retains it's sharpness longer.  Since carbon steels are generally harder than their stainless cousins, I find they generate more sparks when used with firesteels.  The downside to carbon steel is that it will rust faster if not protected (I used a thin coating of mineral oil on the blade).

I thought I'd display a few of my favorites.

This is my old standby , a Swiss Army Knife, Boy Scout Camper model.  This knife has been with me for years and has logged many hundreds of miles in my backpack .  I have lost count of the meals I have prepped and eaten with this knife or the repairs I have made with it.

This is a Canadian made damascus steel with buffalo horn fixed blade.  I think it's beautiful but a little heavy to be useful.

This is a heavy folder that I picked up on Maui because I really liked the scrimshaw art carved in the elk antler scales.  It is my edc (every day carry) knife.

No knife collection would be complete without a Mora knife from Sweden in it.  Mora's are very inexpensive(some would consider them disposable).  This is a Mora Companion.

Another favorite of mine is this hand forged Helle Eggen from Norway.  I love the birch handle.  The blade is a carbon laminate with stainless steel and with a scandi grind.  It is a very light but durable knife.

My ultimate favorite knife is this custom made companion spear point by Bill Akers of  Backwoods/bacustomknives.  The scales are made from stabilized box elder burl and the steel is forged with 1095 ALDOS. This may be the knife that ends my collecting because I doubt that I will ever find a nicer blade.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


I am just coming out the other side of being sick for about seven weeks.  It hasn't been one illness but several and the complications relating to them.  My liver was acting up until I got a change in my meds with my Wegener's.  I had severe chest pain which scared the Hell out of me but it's basically chest wall pain and it took a long time to heal up.  I am now watching my diet as a result anyways.  One of the major contributors to the cause of many of my illnesses flaring appears to be triggered by stress.  Stress makes me sick which in turn causes even more stress, a vicious circle.  I'm still working on trying to lower my stress levels but as a type A personality, it's hard!