Sunday, 4 September 2011

Turn the other Cheak-amous

 I haven't gotten out on as many backpacking trips as I used to so I took the opportunity of perfect weather and a long weekend to remedy this.  My son Aiden and my friend Vida joined me.  Since most trails and hiking locations tend to be gong shows on long weekends, I decided we should take a chance on an easy location which is often strangely quiet for overnighting.  Since it was a short hike, I decided to take a few toys along to play with.
Our campsite at Cheakamus Lake was nothing more than sublime, our neighbors were quiet and good natured, and a friendly ranger checked in and chatted with us a few times.  The bugs were not as bad as advertized and in the heat of the afternoon we decided to refresh ourselves with a little raft on the lake.
Dinner was cooked on a wood burning campstove (our way to circumvent the no fires rule).  Our friendly ranger reluctantly allowed us to use it and we had backups just in case he didn't.

Last night we watched the stars and Milky Way stretch across the sky...a special treat for us city dwellers who don't often get to see such a spectacle.  This morning I got up early and watched the sunrise over the lake while savoring my coffee.
I can't wait for the next trip!