Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bushcrafting - an overnighter

I had a couple days off work so I decided to take my son out on a quick overnighter. He had our standard backpacking gear and I was using my bushcrafting setup.

I'm using a Frost River Summit Expedition and it was a little tight to fit all my overnight gear but doable.  With my sleeping pad packed inside and against my back, it road quite comfortably but I did have occasional arm numbness/circulation cut off with the straps (I need to learn to switch my hiking stick to my other hand once in a while).

My shelter was a basic 5x7 siltarp and a bivy bag with some Tyvek as a groundsheet.  My son was using one of my regular tarptents.  I had problems with mice driving my crazy all night and he had none...hmmm, lesson learned here maybe.

Regulations in the area prohibited campfires so we had to make do with the flames from my candle lantern and White Box alcohol stove.  Although I have used popcan stoves and they are lighter, I really like the robust build of the White Box and it really puts out some BTU's too!

I always wanted to try carving my own wooden spoon so we got down to business.  It was harder than it looked I have only got it to the point where it has been roughed and ready for some knife work.  I have new respect for all you spoon carvers!  I have taken my project home and will hopefully remember to pack it on my next trip so I can finish it.  Hopefully it will not turn into a much reputed "chicken stick" but it is always a possibility.

I'm looking forward to getting some campfire action on my next trip and continuing work on my spoon.