Friday, 18 November 2011

Hard Times for Good People

In light of all the news coverage of all the "Occupy" protests. I'd like to tell a true story of a very good friend of mine.  We all know times are hard.  The economy has bottomed out in many places, governments overspend, and the rich get richer.  My friend is no different to many people because he has been a victim of this bad period.

My friend retired early and decided he'd invest in a business that he could pass on to his children as a legacy, should it have been a success.  His plan looked doable and even a good idea.  Unfortunately his timing and luck worked against him as the economy got worse and worse.  He tried hard to make a go of it for many years but to no avail, his business failed.  Many people would have been legitimately despondent and I'm sure he wasn't happy.  Yet despite this, he managed to pick himself up and find another job to make up for his losses.  I'm sure that it wasn't easy because there aren't that many jobs to be found these days.  It isn't high paying or glamorous but it's enough to get him back on track.  He could have given up, had a tantrum, and gone to join all those protests over social injustice but he didn't.  He could have turned his nose up at this menial employment but he put on his big boy pants and went to work.   Many would have felt that low wage kind of work is below their dignity but I see the opposite.  It takes a person with integrity and self respect to perform these jobs whether they have been used to better or not.  He has always had my deepest respect but I admire him even more now.  He is a good role model and I am honored to be his friend.

To spin this back to all the Occupy protests, I see people who are complaining and have never worked,  and people who are living off of their parent's silver spoon complaining.  I find that I have very little sympathy.  No one gave my friend anything, he had to go back out and work for what he wants or should we all.